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Can The G20 Summit 2023 Be The Catalyst?

The G20 summit is an important platform for world leaders to come together and address major healthcare issues, including universal health coverage (UHC) and more robust health systems to respond to global health emergencies. One area where India has the potential to play a leading role in the G20 is the use of digital technologies to enhance primary healthcare.

As India assumes the G20 presidency in 2023, actions must reflect the need of the hour – to promote a human-centric approach to technology, encourage increased knowledge sharing in critical sectors like digital public infrastructure, and strongly emphasize digital health. In addition, AI technologies will be essential for incidental case finding and monitoring as we work to reimagine post-pandemic primary healthcare.

Adopting a multi-pronged approach is essential, focusing on early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of TB and addressing poverty, malnutrition and uneven healthcare access. With a concerted effort and collaboration, we can work towards a TB-free India by 2025.